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Retro Socks Men

These socks are made with the modern crew socks style and are Retro style with old school shoes, they will make you look and feel older.

Retro Socks Men Walmart

Retro socks are back & different, these socks have a different design & come in 4 different colors. They are unequaled for the summer & go top-notch with a day spent outdoors, these new-and-back-to-business socks are sterling for the modern day "retro" style. With an use-and-use story, it's clear that these socks can keep you cool and comfortable all day long, these old school socks are peerless for the stretching and rehabilitation of sports injuries. They are 12 pairs of socks with one dozen old school strips, they are in the style of the past, but are casual and athletic. They will help you stay warm and support your weight, these Retro socks are top-of-the-heap substitute to get the family active and fans of the favorite movie characters. The socks are made of 100% cotton and are designed to suit 7, 5-9 women 6-10 shoe size. They are also made of plastic and are durable yet comfortable, best-in-class for any day.